Spotify Web Player

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Use Spotify Web Player

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Now you can enjoy listening to unlimited music on music platforms like Spotify, as now you have an amazing weapon, the Spotify Web Player extension. If you are unfamiliar with this Spotify Web Player extension? Then, you must know that the “Spotify Web Player” lets you seamlessly pause, play, repeat, and like the song or music on Spotify. Moreover, the best part is you can do so while surfing the web, even without visiting or Web Player's official website. Apart from this, the Web Player Spotify extension makes it easy to manage music on Spotify via Mini Player. 

Furthermore, if you are installing this extension for the first time, ensure that the Make Sure Web Player or Desktop App is running. Doing so will let it play the music; otherwise, it will not play music. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the background and text color, which should be as per the song photo palette. Now, disclosing little about the Spotify Web Player extension, it is advised to jump straight onto the below informative information. So you can binge-free listen to and play all your favorite music or songs on Spotify. 

Features of Spotify Web Player

If you are looking forward to getting more descriptive information on this extension before installing this on your device? Then, you must stick to the points below, as they contain information regarding its significant features and productivity. And these are:

1. Play & Pause Song 

The first feature lets you pause and play the previous or next song or music whenever you wish. And to make it work, you need to install this Spotify Web Player extension first.

2. Volume Control 

Control over the volume is a complementary feature, which you can use by installing the extension on your device. Moreover, using the mouse wheel method lets you easily control the volume. 

3. Like the Song 

This feature is an interesting one that lets you leave a like on any song or music you are listening to on Spotify. Hence, drop a like wherever you want on your favorite one. 

4. Repeat or Shuffle Song

Apart from playing, pausing, and liking the song or music, you can even repeat or shuffle any of the songs. Not just songs; you can even apply this feature to a playlist once you install the extension. 


Shortcut Keys of Spotify Web Player

Undeniably, the keyboard shortcut keys play a crucial role in getting things in a faster mode, even if you are using them on a music app such as Spotify. Therefore, a few of them are: 

1. To Pause/Play the music on Spotify, press the “Space” key. 

2. Next, press the “Arrow Left” Key to play the previous song.

3. To play the Next song, press the “Arrow Right” key. 

4. If you want to Volume UP on Spotify Player, then press the “Arrow Up” key. But to Volume down on Spotify Player, then press the “Arrow Down” key. 

5. Sometimes we like to listen to songs repeatedly; therefore, tap on the “R” key. And to mute that particular song, tap on the “M” key.   

6. To Add or Remove a particular Song within a click, tab the “L” key. 

Installation and usage of Spotify Web Player Extension 

And here comes the most important installation and usage of the Spotify Web Player extension. It is advised to install this Spotify Player extension on your system only via a compatible web browser. To implement the installation process, follow the below simple and easy steps:  

1. Firstly, click on the “Add to Chrome” button. And then, you need to click on the “Add Extension” button, displaying on the screen. 

2. Next, you need to click on the “Puzzle” icon, which you can see on the right-hand side of the Chrome bar.

3. Further, it would help if you pinned the extension to your browser’s toolbar. Remember, the extension should appear as a blue pin in front of the extension name.

4. In the final step, turn on or play binge-free music on the Spotify music streaming website. Use the Mini Player extension to manage the music in your own style or way. 

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